Benefits of Mega Lottos

Fully secure transparent system  

  • The club will carry out their own draw each week using an online system with full GLI certification. All past draw results are publicly visible and available for audit by all parties.

Online sales 

  • We work with to ensure your club can sell tickets online each week. In our view Klubfunder are the most cost efficient online sales provider.

Guaranteed Mega Jackpot every week 

  • The club can promote a lotto with a guaranteed jackpot of €10,000/€15,000/€20,000. This is a big incentive for customers to subscribe on an annual ticket.

 No Risk to your club 

  • MegaLotto handles the payment of all Jackpots.


 No Minimum Term

  • If you are unhappy with the service, for any reason, your club can walk away with 7 days notice, with no follow on costs. There are no strings attached.


 Novel & Innovative ​approach 


  • We have a number of Lotto options which are new and interesting to existing and potential Lotto customers.

  • Your club will be offering the biggest Minimum Jackpots Nationwide

  • We also introduce a substantial incentives for ticket sellers which further drives sales. 

 Integrity of the Lotto is guaranteed

  • We use the latest technology to ensure a tamper proof lotto. All Lotto results are recorded and available for audit by any involved party.




Congratulations to recent O'Donovan Rossa €30,000 Jackpot winner