Benefits of Mega Lottos

Guaranteed Mega Jackpot every week 

  • The club can promote a lotto with a guaranteed jackpot of €15,000/€20,000. This is a big incentive for customers to subscribe on an annual ticket.

 No Risk to your club 

  • MegaLotto handles the payment of all Jackpots.


 No Minimum Term

  • If you are unhappy with the service, for any reason, your club can walk away with 7 days notice, with no follow on costs. There are no strings attached.


 Novel & Innovative ​approach 


  • We have a number of Lotto options which are new and interesting to existing and potential Lotto customers.

  • Your club will be offering the biggest Minimum Jackpots Nationwide

  • We also introduce a substantial incentives for ticket sellers which further drives sales. 

 Integrity of the Lotto is guaranteed

  • We use the latest technology to ensure a tamper proof lotto. All Lotto results are recorded and available for audit by any involved party.



Congratulations to recent O'Donovan Rossa €30,000 Jackpot winner